TopDrive Communications can customize a solution to solve your most challenging communications problems. Here are a few examples of past projects we've taken on. 


Trinity Mother Francis: Large Scale, Indoor Cellular Reception


Trinity Mother Francis had a problem; there was little or no cellular reception inside one of its large medical buildings. Doctors, Nurses, Patients and waiting Families had no ability to reliably make or receive calls while inside the building. This created an atmosphere of missed communications and prevented critical information to make it outside the building in a timely manner. Competing solutions provided by the Wireless Carriers can cost over $100,000.00 and only support a single carrier per installation. TopDrive Communications installed an Engineered Distributed Antenna System to support all major carriers and frequencies for 1/4 the price of the Wireless Carriers solutions with fantastic results. 



Navidad Resources wanted to hold weekly video conferences with its personnel on Drilling Locations. Their Vsat communications rental did not have the ability to stream video in real time, or support their daily drilling reporting system. TopDrive Communications provided a B3 solution that could move from location to location without requiring a technician to tune the system. The speed and low latency of the system allow for effective video conferencing without the lag and stutter associated with Vsat connection. TopDrive also hosted a server unit in Navidad's Tyler, Texas office to further streamline the real-time, remote entry of Daily Drilling Reports into their hosted database. This allowed the to eliminate redundant data and erroneous data silos at remote locations that could lead to costly errors in the Drilling Program.


Heckman Water RESOURCES: large scale, outdoor cellular reception

Heckman Water Resources (HWR) had rolled a fleet management and reporting system out to it's vast fleet of Salt Water Hauler Trucks. The modem that was included in the system operated on the cellular network owned by the Sprint Corporation. Needless to say, in many rural areas of the country these modems did not have enough signal to post the reports to the cloud. TopDrive Communications installed Large Scale, Outdoor Cellular Repeaters at their Salt Water Disposal Facilities from Ohio to South Texas. These systems allowed the trucks to post their data to the cloud in areas where there was little or no cellular coverage. 


AOI International: Mobile Command Center

AOI International travels all over the country inspection Drilling Rigs. These areas are often under serviced by Cellular Carries. TopDrive Communications installed a system that would allow AOI personnel to bring in amplified cellular signal in remote areas to run their cellular modems and phones. Simplicity and Ease of use was paramount, so that the user could quickly tune the system to deliver the desired performance. 


Texas Energy: High speed, Low Latency Internet Access for Video SURVEILLANCE

Texas Energy requires a High Speed, Low Latency Internet connection to power its network of surveillance cameras. Vsat is too slow and other options are either too costly or non existent, in these truly remote areas. TopDrive Communications provided a B3 solution optimized to the real time steaming of video to the back office in Alice, Texas. Texas Energy was able to roll cameras out to locations that were previously unreachable by common internet service providers in a timely fashion.