Your Connection is Lacking Something...


Lack of Coverage

As we all know, cellular coverage has its limitations especially in rural environments. Down in a valley, back in the woods, or accross a county line and your hotspots signal can windle to zero. 

Lack of Throughput

The wireless carrier you are using has limitations on its bandwith. Sometimes there are just too many users on a network, or your particular carrier has older transmission technology in your area. Without speed, your ability to check email, upload reports and stream content is severley limited. 

Lack of Reliability

Anyone who has tried to use a Cellular Hotspot or USB Modem knows that they have issues. Drivers fail, overheating and a number of frustrating quirks that can make them very unreliable. 

The B3 addresses all three of these issues in a Patent Pending, single, elegant solution by providing Boosted, Bonded, Broadband. 





Wireless Signal has a difficult time penetrating objects and traveling great distances. Often in a rural environment this includes Trees, Hills, Buildings and great distances. Without a Boosted signal source, your Cellular Hotspot or USB Modem is going to have a very difficult time making a connection to the cellular tower. 

When you utilize a B3 device, it addresses this Lack of Coverage with a Boosted signal source that reaches out and allows the cellular tower to communicate with the embedded SIM cards. This ability to provide a Boosted cellular connection will not only provide strong, high quality wireless signal for the embedded SIM cards, but will also give your cellphone access to that same Boosted signal. 


Your Cellular Hotspot or USB Modem has the ability to provide a limited amount of bandwidth. This is largely dependent on both your Wireless Carrier and your Location. Basically, what this means is that in Dallas, Texas you might have 10mbs Download and 5mbs Upload, but outside Athens, Texas you only have 1mbs Download and 1mbs Upload. This is a common situation in rural enviroments and it creates a Lack of Throughput. 

The B3 attacks this problem by utilizing Bonded bandwidth from multiple carriers to provide the highest possible Download and Upload for your given location. 

The above diagram illustrates how this works. 

The User is attempting to downlod a 6mb file, the B3 Server cuts the 6mb file into three 2mb pieces and sends it to the B3 which Bonds the three 2mb pieces into the complete 6mb file. The User is then able to enjoy 6mbs Download speeds. This same process is used when uploading files, but in reverse. 


Reliability is always an issue with Cellular Hotspots and USB Modems and even Vsat, Cable Modems and Fixed Wireless Solutions. Problems with the Carrier, Problems with the Modem and Problems with your device can all conspire to leave you stranded. 

The combination of Boosted and Bonded data addresses the issues of reliability.


The Boosted signal source allows the B3 to provide a consistent, high quality signal source for the embedded SIM cards.

The Bonded Technology can combine as many as 4 SIM cards as well as the addition of other bandwidth technologies like Vsat Modems, Fixed Wireless and Cable for 5 layers of reliability. 

The B3 provides the highspeed data you want and the reliability you need, wherever you need it.