Signal-Watch 2.0 Features and Overview

Setup your Signal-Watch Monitoring System in Three Steps

     1. Purchase Monitoring Module  2. Sign Up for a Monitoring Account  3. Log In to your Account

How it works

Users sign up for an Admin or User Level Account. Signal-Watch will take the sign up information and generate a user account and a subscription link, payable via Credit Card or PayPal. Now the user can purchase Monitoring Modules. Each Module can be setup to monitor one or multiple carriers and must be configured by Signal-Watch to communicate with our Servers. Once the modules have been configured they will be shipped to the User for deployment. The User must provide a carrier appropriate Modem, SIM card and Service Plan, if you do not with to purchase these from the carrier, we can provide a list of Third Party Vendors who can provide SIM card.   

the users

Signal-Watch was designed to provide a clear picture of Cellular Repeater System performance over time. An ability that is not readily available to installers, operators and prospective purchasers of Cellular Repeater Systems.  

Many of our clients have issues with rouge cellular boosters and difficulty troubleshooting signal quality issues throughout large buildings. 

Some operators needed a way to ensure their repeaters where not causing interference with the local cellular networks resulting in possible fines and conflict with the Cellular Carriers (AT&T, Verizon ect).

Signal-Watch also provides a very accurate picture of your native Cellular Network prior to installation, making it an invaluable long term site-survey tool. 

The Technology

Signal-Watch's Monitoring Module passively monitors the signal quality of your Cellular Repeater and posts that data to our Cloud Based Server.

The reports

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Signal Strength reports can be queried by the user. As well as information about the Cellular Tower being repeater, Carrier and Technology being utilized (3G, 4G, LTE ect).